Sunday, April 29

The Week-Cap - Celebration

The last 10 days have been a serious celebration. It was my birthday week, and as you can see from the giant platter of sushi that I consumed mostly by myself, we went all out. From a weekend in Vegas where I ate, drank, danced and laughed to family get togethers to work parties and a surprise trip to Disneyland, I have had one fantastic week!
  • Monday - Was our last day in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort. It was an amazing weekend that my sweet husband seriously spent some weeks planning and coordinating. I felt like a princess the whole time and was overwhelmed by the amount of fun we had. We had a 4 hour drive to look forward to which really only means one thing if you're a Californian: In-n-Out. It's a must. Just get into it. 
  • Tuesday - There was a lot of indulgence going on in Vegas and we needed a day or two to clean out! So I decided on some "Grilled" Veggie Kebabs for dinner. I was so excited to find baby eggplants at my local Sprouts. They are the cutest little vegetable I've ever seen and made a great addition to the kebabs. Then I found Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato. And I bought it. I blame Vegas for testing my morals. 
  • Wednesday - I finally posted something new to the blog! The recipe for Raw Vanilla Cashew Milk that is smooth, creamy, delicious and so cheap and easy to make. I also made an amazing Slow-Cooker Chili for dinner that I hope to share soon too. 
  • Thursday - April showers really better bring May flowers. It rained like crazy and had me hoping for a quick change in weather so I wouldn't be having a soggy birthday. I decided to try something new for lunch to warm up so I made Thai Coconut Quinoa with fresh Mango. It was delicious and now I want to try other combinations of this lovely, unique meal. 
  • Friday - My actual birthday, which I feel like I've been celebrating for two weeks. I had an absolutely amazing lunch from one of my favorite restaurants, Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen. That was followed by an array of cupcakes from which I had to try the red velvet, vanilla and milk chocolate. I can't believe I ate dinner. But I did. Like Filet Mignon sliders, parmesan truffle fries and a bottle of wine. Woah. 
  • Saturday - I had to extend the Week-Cap this week to include my surprise trip to Disneyland! I had been wanting to try the Trader Sam's Tiki Bar at the Disneyland hotel and my wonderful friends that came along were nice enough to arrange our entrance to both parks. We had a blast and I must say the Tiki Bar was so much fun. If you go, they have all sorts of fun cocktails, like the Hippopatamai-tai and the Shipwreck on the Rocks. Just beware that these drinks come with somewhat of a show within the bar...there are a lot of special effects. You'll see. I need a nap. And another cupcake.

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