Saturday, April 14

The Week-Cap - Spring Showers

I know, where's the showers? Not a cloud in sight. But this is how we spent Easter afternoon, soaking up the beautiful, warm sunshine while sipping margaritas on the Harbor. It was perfect, and a great way to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. The rain showed up big time this week, just when I was hoping to get my tan on. Guess I'll have to wait for my birthday trip to Vegas next week...sigh. ;)

  • Monday - My second week of vacation begins. Time to work on the blog! Oh, and my online class that I had an exam in. Boo. That's okay, because I got inspired to make a brand new kind of soup. Have you heard of Mulligatawny? It's an Indian spiced soup and it is really good. A nice twist on a regular old chicken soup. Maybe I'll do a post about it.
  • Tuesday - I up and rode my bike to pilates. On a whim. And it was really fun. And it meant I got to eat an extra cookie, because I obviously burned it off carrying a 10 pound yoga mat on my back, uphill. Plus, I made one of my favorite easy, light meals for lunch, Huevos Rancheros Salad. Spicy, warm and oozing with egg yolk goodness.
  • Wednesday - Why is Target so great? I spent like an hour and a half wandering around in there when my list consisted of just 4 things. Vacation - weekdend crowds + the jammie aisle = what time is it again?
  • Thursday - Recipe testing time...Cookies, cookies and more crazy good cookies. I ate breakfast at Ruby's diner and followed that up with massive amounts of cookie dough tasting. At least the pancakes were whole grain. I needed something seriously flavorful for dinner so, I made what my husband called 'one of the top 3 meals' ever for dinner. It was a grilled chicken burger...with sweet potato fries. He's very easy to please. But it was incredibly delicious, and made my house smell like a BBQ a good way.
  • Friday - My hopes for going to the local outdoor shopping mall were squashed by a bit of torrential worries, it just meant I got to go to the even bigger, indoor mall and enjoy some Happy Hour cocktails and Noodles at Anqi. And watch the Lakers. And buy a new dress for Vegas...great day! I also posted the recipe for Spring Pea Hummus, which looks odd, but tastes amazing. Try it at your next get together...and for fun, don't tell anyone what it is. See if they can party game! 

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