Saturday, September 22

The Week-Cap - Happy Autumnal Equinox!

It's here! Fall is here! And after what had to be one of the hottest summers in quite some time, I am so excited to celebrate autumns arrival. And though days will be shorter, so many great holidays and events are around the corner. Maybe you will celebrate Fall by decorating your home with pumpkins and leaves, or doing 108 sun salutations in your yoga class. I recently read somewhere that Ginger is traditionally served on the Equinox, so perhaps you could make some Gingerbread today. Any way you decide to welcome Fall, use it as a time to be grateful for where you are and even more grateful for where you are going. 2012 is three quarters done already...doesn't time just fly?
  • Monday - The first morning and evening that really started to feel like the season was changing to crisper air and earlier sunsets. 
  • Tuesday - Some time back I posted a method for roasting veggies by broiling them. This week I made a variation on that for a side dish to go with BBQ chicken. I combined zucchini, onion and frozen corn with salt, pepper, paprika and olive oil and it came out amazing! Proof that you can really combine whatever is in your fridge to make a quick and healthy addition to your meal.
  • Wednesday - Remember that super easy Sausage recipe I posted last week? Well I found another delicious use for it when I made a salad for lunch and sliced the cooked sausage really thin over it. I added some goat cheese, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette and it was my highlight lunch of the week!
  • Thursday - If you like running, ellipticalling (is that a word?), or aerobicizing in any way, you must download my new favorite song to run to. Its not a new song, but has been recently featured on a commercial for something I can't remember right now. It's called 'In My Mind' and I love the rhythm and ups and downs of the music. Even if you don't typically like 'house' or electronic music, try using it when you exercise, the beat can help motivate you through the more unenjoyable parts of working out. :)
  • Friday - Work was made WAY more exciting by the coverage of the Space Shuttle Endeavour making its last journey by flight to where it will be on display in Los Angeles at the California Science Center. It passed over Disneyland at one point and I was able to snap a (albeit faraway) shot of the shuttle from where I work. It was a really cool experience to have seen it flying by and I felt priveleged to be able to take part in such a historical moment. You can visit the Shuttle at its new home starting October 30th.

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