Saturday, September 8

The Week-Cap - I heart September

Happy September! I'm happy to see Fall approaching while simultaneously rueing the fact that I'll be putting away my flip flops and shorts in just a few weeks. We've had an exceptionally warm weathered summer and I've soaked up as much of it as I can. Now I'm ready for all things pumpkin spiced and leaf shaped. But first, here's what has been going on this week.

  • Monday - Labor Day was great. It's always great to have a day off, but it makes it especially better when you get to spend it with wonderful family and friends. It was a little relaxing and a lot of fun. There was Air Hockey, Crazy Cocktails, and Disneyland. A lovely way to wish summer would never end.
  • Tuesday - Ever have one of those days at work? The kind where you find yourself just kind of staring at nothing? Wishing that people lived up to the kind of moral standards you hold for yourself? Tuesday was that kind of day and ended with a serious need for one of my new favorite drinks, a Whiskey Sour. It did the trick and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at 9 that night. 
  • Wednesday - Muse has a new album coming out at the beginning of October and I'm currently obsessed with the first single, "Madness". It's pretty addicting, get into it
  • Thursday - I just realized that there's no more Breaking Bad to look forward to this Sunday. How in the world am I going to make it 10 months without W.W.?? 
  • Friday - Gets here much quicker when you have a Monday off. Make this weekend great. Be appreciative of what you have and who you are and remember that no matter what race, religion or political party you identify with, everyone deserves love and respect!

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