Sunday, September 16

The Week-Cap - Is it Fall Yet?

I adore summer. It's my very favorite time of year. Sporting tank tops and flip flops and leaving my 'just in case' jacket at home makes me happy. Yet, as September rolls around, kids go back to school and Halloween goodies start popping up way too prematurely, I find myself getting ever more excited about the autumn things to come. Shorter days, knitted beanies and my favorite pair of boots keep calling my name. As much as I hate to say it, I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather getting here ASAP. Did I mention it's been 100 degrees all week? At the beach. I will soak it up for as long as I can, because come December, I'll most likely be bundled up like an eskimo.
  • Monday -Taking advantage of the still warm nights, we went for a walk around one of my favorite places, Balboa Island. Yes I ate a chocolate banana dipped in butter brickle. I was simultaneously walking it off after all. 
  • Tuesday - You should try bamboo rice. My husband found it for me at Whole Foods and I LOVE it! The grains are short and puffy and come out slightly chewy when cooked. I was a huge fan of the lightly floral tea flavor, my husband...not so much. The bag claims many health benefits from the rice being soaked in bamboo juice during milling, which also gives it a pale green color. I thought the rice was a lovely way to change up any meal.
  • Wednesday - Oh Fiona Apple, you kill me with those lyrics. Just go listen to Valentine. 
  • Thursday - I made one of the best dinners yet. Beer Boiled Chicken Parmesan Sausage, Grilled White Peach and Goat Cheese Salad and Buttered Whole Wheat Penne. I can't wait to share these recipes! My method of cooking the sausage is super simple and comes out perfectly moist and delicious everytime.
  • Friday - We celebrated a great friends birthday with a beach BBQ. Burgers, salad, my homemade brownies and lots of beer and wine made for one awesome evening. The charcoal grill became a fire pit at the end and all that warm summer weather made for a balmy 80 degree night. The perfect way to end the week. 

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