Tuesday, May 22

Cheesy Pepperoni Roll

Here's the thing, I eat healthy. I really do. And by healthy, I mean like a lot of salads, fruit and blah blah blah. The point is, even though I consider my self extremely aware of what kinds of food are best for me, sometimes I just need some hot, fresh, chewy bread. Filled with cheese. And meat. I could keep going, but I don't need to because this simple, super easy Cheesy Pepperoni Roll is what you want for dinner. You can eat a salad tomorrow. 
As much as I love making my own pizza dough (and do on the weekends), most supermarkets offer fresh and really delicious dough right in the deli. It saves a ton of time and opens the door for many different meal ideas. Just roll one bag of dough out into a rectangle on cornmeal and parchment paper placed on a cookie sheet.
Layer your choice of pepperoni (I use nitrite free-gotta slip some healthy in there somewhere) and some good sliced mozzarella. Like the entire ball of mozzarella.
Roll it up and seal the edges tightly with your fingers. You want to try and keep most of the cheese inside the roll. Slit a few holes in the top to release steam, and brush with olive oil.
Now, bake at 450 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, depending on your oven. Keep an eye on it, you want a golden brown crust that's firm to the touch. Be sure to let it cool for a few minutes before cutting.
Slice it up and serve with some warmed up marinara or meat sauce. This is so incredibly good and there are many variations you can play with. Try salami instead of pepperoni, or even chicken. Or, if you want to do a meat free night, just go veggie with something like spinach or bell peppers. It's your dinner, so make it how you like it.


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