Saturday, March 24

The Week-Cap - Welcome Spring!

How do you get the rest of the honey out of a Honey Bear that has no flat top?? Well, you do this of course...and then you wait. At least it didn't take all week.

  • Monday - I posted the recipe for my adaptation of the Mini Tin Can Cake, which was Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. And then I came home from work and made a Carrot Cake version...What??? With Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting and those three adorable little layers. Now I'm just gonna have to do another post about all the flavors you can create in under an hour...get excited!
  • Tuesday - The first day of Spring! Hooray! Except that I thought maybe I had moved to Big Bear Mountain because it was absolutely freezing the first few days of this week. Where did my flip flop weather go?? 
  • Wednesday - Oh there it is...72 degrees...ahhhhhh. Nice weather + loooong work days = homemade Mai Tais! I'm just gonna have to share this one with you, because you seriously will be the host of the century with this Mai Tai is so good and so easy to create quality cocktails at home. I also posted my recipe for Fresh Strawberry Sauce on what happened to be California Strawberry Day...I'll let you believe that I planned that one. 
  • Thursday - It's hard for me to get through a week without sushi, it just makes me so happy. I discovered a new roll at my tiny little local sushi shop...and I mean tiny, like 5 seats inside tiny. I had the Summer Vacation Roll and it was as fresh as it sounds. Tuna, Red Snapper, Salmon and Crab stuffed into a wheel of thinly sliced cucumber topped with green onions....perfection.
  • Friday - There goes those Mai Tais again. And maybe nachos. And maybe guacamole. Hey, I ran 3 miles before I ate so it all balances out, right? At least my post was the extremely delicious and extremely healthy recipe for "Grilled" Vegetable Kebabs. I think I need to juice something this weekend. Or maybe I should just bake this again and call it a serving of carrots.


  1. Do you have a easy Mai Tai recipe? I am needing one. I have seen recipes like Trader Vics and Don the Beachcomber Mai Tais. I'd like to experiment more on this concoction. I am currently training to also help lessen issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages, Alcohol Sellers needs to have proper training like Alcohol Seller Server Certification.

  2. Hi Haley. I have been planning to post a recipe for Mai Tai's on my blog for quite some time. They are generally super easy to make, they just take quite a few ingredients to make them really good. Check back next week for a post, otherwise, I often google the Tommy Bahama version of many cocktails for a great recipe. Thank you!