Saturday, March 31

The Week-Cap - 5,4,3,2,1

I spoiled myself this week, starting with this strawberry with whipped cream and ending with a bubbly Kir Royale...all in celebration of how truly spoiled I am to have TWO whole weeks off of work. I am forever doomed to feel like I deserve the schedule of a high school student.

  • 5. Monday - One week to go. I made Turkey Sausage and Peppers for dinner which I happened to post the recipe for this week. So warm and comforting, it got the week started off right. I also posted my trip to the Farmers Market, which not only provided me with some awesome food, but also gave me some great ideas for recipes!
  • 4. Tuesday - Exhaustion. Must eat guacamole and cheesy chips. 
  • 3. Wednesday - Half way there. I posted my recipe for Strawberry Banana 'Smoothie' Bread and then realized that I should probably put the bread down and just drink a smoothie considering I ate almost the entire loaf. But then again, I'm spoiling myself, right?
  • 2. Thursday - Practically on vacation already. I decided I need to make a Blueberry Almond version of the Raisin Apple Walnut Bars I made earlier this month. Then I ate a huge plate of Cajun Fish with Rice and Spicy White Beans at Wahoo's...OMG. Please eat that.
  • 1. Friday - It actually arrived. We had an early Easter party at work complete with an Egg Hunt, so much fun that and I ate two huge chocolate chip cookies. No wonder I fell asleep as soon as I got home. Then I ate one of my new favorite soup recipes..Three Bean Stew with Pearl Barley. Amazing! A definite must share. Still exhausted but looking forward to some serious relaxing for the next two weeks. Excuse me while I do this:

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