Friday, March 8

5 Days of Breakfast - Day 5

It's our last day of breakfast together! At least until I post another morning meal :) How about those blueberry pancakes I mentioned on Monday? Oh yeah.
This may look a bit strange. You don't often see cottage cheese and scrambled eggs on the same plate, but stick with me, because this is seriously delicious.

Scramble one or two eggs/egg whites. Scoop about 1/2 Cup lowfat Cottage cheese onto the plate and sprinkle with a bit of ground cinnamon. Then add a helping of fruit, any kind you like. I love the apple slices, because they are delicious with a scoop of the cottage cheese. And go ahead and try the cottage cheese WITH the eggs, which creates a super yummy, creamy concoction that is unique and so satisfying.

So there you have it, I hope these ideas will inspire you to take a second look at your breakfast plate and try some new things.


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