Monday, March 4

5 Days of Breakfast. Day 1

Breakfast. The crackling sound of crispy bacon, the sweet warmth of maple syrup drizzling over fluffly blueberry pancakes and the oozey goodness of just slightly runny eggs. Hungry yet? Unfortunately for the majority of us, our schedules, not to mention our waistlines, just don't have room to eat like that everyday.

I regularly struggle to come up with different breakfast ideas that are not only tasty, but healthy AND most importantly, will keep me moving until lunch. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite breakfast creations that meet that criteria (these are individual portions, but could be made for multiple people). Each day of this week, I'll offer up a new morning meal that is delicious, healthy and pretty fast to make too.

Day 1:

This is one of my go-to morning meals. The bottom layer that you can't see is Plain, nonfat, Greek yogurt (I prefer Fage), which is not only great for you, but is also a blank flavor canvas to add absolutely anything you like to.
I top the yogurt with any fresh fruit I have on hand. This time its a Honeycrisp apple, but I've done blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and even grapefruit sections. Next, I sprinkle some ground cinnamon over the top and then finish it off with half a packet of plain, instant oatmeal. Adding the oatmeal gives this meal some extra fiber, which helps to keep you fuller, longer. You could use rolled oats if you like, but they are not as tender and small as the instant version. You could also toss some nuts or flax seeds in for extra textural crunch.
Finally, I drizzle the whole bowl with a bit of raw, local honey (you could also swap the honey for agave nectar) to add just a hint of sweetness.

Quick, easy, delicious. What do you like to eat greek yogurt with?

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