Thursday, March 7

5 Days of Breakfast - Day 4

This fluffy little cloud of an english muffin is one of my very favorite things to eat in the morning, and here's why it's worth suggesting on Day 4 of my 5 Days of Breakfast: it's homemade. I know you totally already know about english muffins and you can totally go buy a pack of Thomas' and call it a day. But this truly is one of the best bread recipes I've ever used. It requires very little mixing, a fairly quick rise time, and best of all...NO BAKING. That's right, these are cooked on a griddle (or griddle pan) in about 12 minutes flat. The result is not your typical 'nooks and crannies' muffin, but rather a slightly sweet, super soft breakfast bread that is perfect for any topping of your choosing. From pb&j, to ham and eggs, to cream cheese and red onions, they are a fantastic and delicious way to start your day!
This is a recipe I shared last year, so go check it out, mix up a batch and have a great morning :)

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