Wednesday, June 20

What I Ate Wednesday: Las Vegas Edition

During a week long trip to Vegas, the meal options are absolutely endless. From Room Service, to restaurants, here is just a peak at what I ate for one whole day.

Breakfast started in the room with a few grocery items my husband and I picked up to avoid ordering breakfast EVERYDAY. This is a great idea for long term stays away from home, not only does it save money, but it will also help your waistline. I made a bowl of nonfat greek yogurt, bananas and blueberries. 
After a nice workout in the fitness center, we came back to the room starving and needing a protein packed lunch. I ordered a BBQ chicken wrap in a whole wheat tortilla. Spicy, yet sweet and full of tender meat.
For dinner, we chose a fabulous and gorgeous restaurant at The Wynn Resort called Botero. As an appetizer, I had the Crudo tasting, which was ahi tuna with avocado and soy, scallop with spicy tomato, salmon with ginger and lime and hamachi with yuzu. Fresh, perfectly spiced and absolutely amazing.

A wonderful feature about the Wynn property is that every restaurant offers a Vegan/Vegetarian menu. Considering I had gone all out at lunch with my chicken stuffed wrap, I opted to go for a lighter, more veggie centered entree. This was the Grilled Vegetable Lasagna and it was exactly what I'd hoped for, simple, clean and so very satisfying.
To round out this incredible dining experience, we chose what is now one of my all time favorite desserts, the S'more Donuts. These little pillows of cinnamon sugar rolled dough were filled with creamy, sticky marshmallow that oozed out perfectly with each bite. The chocolate was supplied in sauce form and could not have been more delicious.
Seriously, how could you even resist?? I will definitely be needing a diet when I get home. Or at least some more donuts.

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