Friday, June 15

Kitchen Organizing part 1

I LOVE to have things organized, but I am often held back by the crazy prices that some stores charge to get things in order. Hello, Container Store anyone?? It's like heaven in there, but it certainly doesn't come cheap. Luckily, yesterday, I stopped into Marshall's to do some browsing and stumbled upon a fantastic organizational buy.
These plastic (hooray! they're light and easy to carry) airtight bins were hidden on the shelf behind pricier glass ones. Who wants glass anyway? Ever consider what would happen if you dropped a glass jar of flour on the floor? Ruined container, ruined flour, ruined day. I was so excited to find these and they were only $5 bucks a piece...which is crazy as I would probably pay 3 times that elsewhere! I brought them home and filled them up with things that I use often and need easy access to. The middle container is rice, which always comes in a bag. The bag can be cumbersome and spills happen easily when I reach in to scoop out a cup. This way is much cleaner and I'll be able to see exactly when I need to buy more. There was a little bit of rice left in the bag, which I sealed, rolled and placed in the back of my pantry to grab as a refill later. I plan to use the empty container pictured for pasta, which, like rice, often comes in bags, especially at Natural Food Stores.

I also like to use containers that used to hold something else in new ways...why throw away a perfectly good plastic jar and lid? This one on the left came with Pearl Couscous in it (which you should try if you never have) and now houses raw almonds that I like to buy in bulk at Sprouts Market.
Next time you need to organize, check out bargain places like Home Goods and Marshall's before heading straight to Target or Crate & Barrel. Or just check your pantry. You may find some very useful items in there just waiting to be filled up. 


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