Wednesday, February 22

HomeMade Room Spray

Have you seen those Febreze commercials? You know the ones where 'real people' are blindfolded and put into disgusting, dirty rooms sprayed with Febreze and then asked what they smell?

Those commercials make me very uncomfortable. First of all, those people are NOT real and if anyone put me in a room blindfolded, I would be worried about a lot of things besides whether I smell freesia or not. And second, someone has to clean that mess, not cool Febreze...not cool. These ads are pretty much enough to make me not want to buy their products...I say, how about we just make our own? Sound good?

Despite the list of ingredients on the bottle of most air fresheners, making room spray is actually super easy! It will save you quite a bit of cash over time, and you are in control of how it smells and what's inside it.

All you need are a clean spray bottle, distilled water, vodka or rubbing alcohol and the essential oils of your choice. That's it! Essential oils can be pricey, but with the amount of spray you can make out of one little bottle, it's definitely worth it. And you most likely have rubbing alcohol, or vodka (don't lie), and distilled water costs like .80 cents, so you really have no excuse.

A note on those essential oils: You can pick whatever combinations you like...floral, spicy, woody, or any combination of the three. I got my lavender oil at a wonderful little shop in Cambria, Ca called Exotic Nature, and the eucalyptus oil is from Ulta beauty supply. Every health food store (like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mothers) carries oils. And you can get them online too. Do some sniffing next time you are in a health food store and pick a few you think compliment each other. Keep in mind the time of year as well. In the spring, maybe you want a more floral scent, in the summer, maybe something clean and crisp, like lemon or lime. And of course during the fall, something warm and spicy would be great.

Okay, here goes. Fill your spray bottle about 2/3 the way with distilled water. Now finish filling it to the top with the vodka or alcohol. Add about 30-40 drops of your essential oils, depending on the size of the bottle and how fast your oils drip. My lavender oil drips fast and small, so I added about 30 drops of that, while my eucalyptus drips slower and larger, so I added about 10 drops. Start small and add as you go, testing the spray in whatever room you choose. Be sure to shake up the bottle each time you use it to get the oils mixed in properly. And that's it! You'll have a clean, fresh scented home customized the way you like it!

I just used a piece of scotch tape to write on my bottle so I can easily change it when I make a new scent. 

Try it! 


  1. Thanks! I'm going to try this with pine essential oil to spray on our fake Christmas tree. ;)

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