Saturday, November 23

Perfect Thanksgiving Flowers

Sure, the largest part of the Thanksgiving table will be taken up by Turkey, stuffing and whatever other traditional dishes your family whips up, but don't forget to make that food look even more appetizing by surrounding it with some beautifully fall colored flowers. 
I made these arrangements using flowers I bought in a local gourmet market. If you happen to have a good floral supplier nearby, they often have a large selection of many different varietals to choose from. I also like to check out larger Trader Joe's markets as they generally have some beautiful flowers for great prices. You can also stop by your local farmers market to see what's growing nearby.
I knew I wanted fall colors to be highlighted in this arrangement and I was thrilled to find some orange Stargazer lillies, which I have never even seen before. From there, I chose white roses to fill in the larger gaps, then rust colored mums and tiny orange and yellow daisies to add texture and variations of size. Finally, I added in some neat stems of burgundy colored berries and leaves to add some height.
Making three different sizes of arrangements makes them easy to place around the table and gives the illusion of having a lot more flowers. I also find it easier to create a few small ones, rather than one giant one. Remember, you never want your flowers to obstruct your view across the dinner table, so short vases are ideal.

I hope this inspires you to create something beautiful for your holiday table! Enjoy!

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