Tuesday, July 3

Getting ready for the Fourth

I LOVE the Fourth of July. Summertime is in full swing, BBQ's are on and grillin' and the pride of celebrating our Country is visually and emotionally everywhere. So here's a super fast, easy idea for a last minute cocktail you may be thirsting for to wash down that cheeseburger pre-firework display. You can combine a multitude of ingredients to accomplish this red, white and blue sparkler, just use this as a guide. All you need are:
grenadine, strawberry or raspberry puree
club soda or sprite
clear alcohol of choice (such as gin or vodka)
fresh blueberries
That's it! Pour the grenadine or puree into the bottom of your glass, top with ice, a shot of gin and finish with club soda. Float the blueberries on top. You could add lemon or lime juice if you'd like, but it's not necessary. This would also make a great virgin or kids cocktail, just leave out the alcohol and use the sprite instead of club soda.

And here are a few Pinterest finds to help inspire your celebration.
This is such a cute idea for a festive fruit salad or a garnish on the side of a cocktail glass. For a savory salad, mix watermelon stars with feta cheese and blueberries. 
I love the idea of these delicious little fruit bites as a simple dessert or appetizer, and they're pretty good for you too. The white is just mascarpone cheese, a bit of powdered sugar (you could also use honey) and vanilla extract. Mmmm.
I need these shorts. 

Happy Fourth!

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